How to get ONETEP

The following is a guide to obtaining an Academic User Licence to ONETEP from Cambridge Enterprise Ltd.

Academic Licence

  • Academic licence is only available to researchers with a permanent position or fixed-term Fellowship at an academic institution.
  • Academic licence is free of charge for researchers at UK-based higher-education institutions and UK national laboratories, as well as academic institutions worldwide (until 30th June 2023 in the first instance).
  • Academic licence allows the licence holder and members of their research group at the given institution to use ONETEP for research purposes only.
  • Academic licence imposes restrictions on who may use the software, the purpose of use, the licensing of any code developments and will terminate when the licence holder leaves their institution. Therefore, it is important that the licence agreement is fully read and understood before completion.

A licence for the use of ONETEP that does not fulfil the above requirements may be purchased fromĀ BIOVIA.


For any questions about this procedure, please contact Cambridge Enterprise Ltd using the details quoted above.