ONETEP Coding Retreat 2014

The event was held at Abbey Dore Court in Herefordshire. Putting aside a few minor disasters such as flooding the dining room of a…

ONETEP Masterclass 2013

Organizers and tutors N. D. M. Hine, S. Dubois, G. Lever, R. Bell and M. C. Payne (University of Cambridge) C.-K. Skylaris and K….

ONETEP Coding Retreat 2013

The event was held at Terrace House, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, and was an immensely useful opportunity to get the developers together and improve the code….

ONETEP Masterclass 2012

Organizers and tutors M. C. Payne, D. Cole and S. Dubois (University of Cambridge) C.-K. Skylaris, J. Dziedzic and K. Wilkinson (University of Southampton)…

ONETEP Masterclass 2011

Organizing Committee C.-K. Skylaris (University of Southampton) M. C. Payne (University of Cambridge) N. D. M. Hine (Imperial College London) P. D. Haynes (Imperial…

ONETEP Spring School 2010

Organized by Chris-Kriton Skylaris (University of Southampton) Mike Payne (University of Cambridge) Nicholas Hine (University of Cambridge) Peter Haynes (Imperial College London) Arash A….

ONETEP Summer School 2008

The inaugural ONETEP Summer School was held in Cambridge Tuesday 8th July 13.30 Lecture 1: Overview of first principles calculations (Mike Payne) 14.30 Lecture…